Skeeter Hagler Photography

Photographer Skeeter Hagler is the recipient of photography's highest honor, The Pulitzer Prize, for his documentary on the life of the West Texas cowboy. Born in Fort Worth and still based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Skeeter has over 40 years of experience as a photographer and has traveled the world on assignments and projects.

As a freelance photographer, he is equally at ease photographing the West Texas Cowboy driving a weather beaten herd of cattle as he is waiting hours for the light to get just right to photograph a downtown building.

Skeeter has an eye for the details of a subject while at the same time seeing the overall importance of the subject to society and the world.

In the words of former Speaker of the U.S. House, the Honorable Jim Wright, "Skeeter gets the picture before he takes it...and makes you feel what you see."

Recent work includes stories for Texas Highways Magazine, a photo book "Born to this Land" with Texas best-loved poet, Red Steagall, and a coffee table book on Ft. Worth, Texas.


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